Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Savannah Regional Film Commission do?

The Savannah Regional Film Commission is a certified Film Commission that promotes our region as a premiere filming destination for productions. Our main goal is to bring motion picture, television and commercial productions to our area and hire our local crew and support services. Since our office works under the umbrella of the Savannah Economic Development Authority (SEDA) we also help productions navigate our local and state run incentive programs. In addition, the Savannah Regional Film Commission functions as a liaison between productions, our municipalities, and the community.

How do I get hired on a production?

If you have worked on at least ONE paid, professional feature film, television show or series, news program, or commercial you can register for our Crew & Services Directory and list your resume on our Reelscout database. We also list crew calls on our News section of our website as productions allow. Make sure to follow us on our Facebook page for crew calls and other production information.
For those who do not have a professional credit or have worked on student productions, we suggest you start entry-level and apply as a production assistant.
Other great ways to find production jobs are:
• Facebook groups like our page and

I am an actor/background artist/extra how do I get cast in a production?

Our office does not function as a casting agency, and does not list or promote any actors, extras, or background artists. We do however, list casting calls on our News section and on our Facebook page. We suggest reaching out to casting agents in our region for representation.

I’m a filmmaker, will you help me make my movie?

The Savannah Regional Film Commission offers a variety of free services to productions. We are happy to create location packages based on your production’s script and provide an initial scout to show off the Savannah Area’s best locations. We also love recommending local crew and support services to productions.
Our office does not function as a production company, studio, or investor. We do not assist with the funding of any production. However, we love assisting in the application process for our local tax incentive rebate for qualifying productions!

Do I need a permit to film?

While the Savannah Regional Film Commission does not issue permits, we do enforce them for each municipality and county within our jurisdiction. Each municipality has its own permitting application and guidelines for filming. You can familiarize yourself with these guidelines by visiting our Permits and Guidelines page found under the Production Information tab. Permitting fees may apply.

How do I film at one of the locations featured on Reel Scout?

The Savannah Regional Film Commission does not manage any properties. Our locations database showcases the varying looks our region offers to productions who are considering filming in the Savannah Region. Most locations listed are private properties and some may choose not list their information publicly. If the owner permits us, we can give out contact information to inquiring productions.

How can I get a film to shoot at my house/property/business?

The Savannah Region is known for it’s spectacular locations! From perfectly preserved historic homes to abandoned properties, productions need of every type of look. We use Reel-Scout, a digital film library, to host listings of our area’s film-friendly locations. You can register your location on our website under the locations tab: locations database
We then use the listings to convince productions to film in our area based on the looks we think work best for their production.

A production wants to film at my home/property/business. How much should I charge for them to shoot on my property?

There is no set rate for location rentals. Location fees will vary depending on the size of the property, the production’s needs, schedule, and the impact the production has on your property. For example, a full property rental usually costs more than just filming the exterior of a property.
It is typical for a production to make the first offer if the location is of interest. If you have questions about what it’s like to work with a production, please call our office (912) 447-4159 and we will be happy to walk you through the process.

What are the best times of year to film in the Savannah Region?

The Savannah Region has great weather in the spring and fall. You can see our average seasonal temperatures by checking out our weather page.
Since our area is a popular tourist destination, there are several major annual events that can hinder production. Some large-scale events, such as St. Patrick’s Day and The Rock and Roll Marathon can have permitting restrictions in place. For questions regarding the Savannah Region’s event schedule please contact our office at (912) 447-4159.

Which Unions cover the Savannah Region?

Our local IATSE studio mechanic chapter is 491, which covers North Carolina, South Carolina, and Savannah, GA. IATSE local 320 covers our Theater, Stage & Projection Serving Savannah, Statesboro, Hilton Head Island and Coastal Georgia. IATSE 161 covers office and accounting positions, while Local 798 covers Make-up Artists and Hair Stylist for our region. Our Teamsters Local is 728 and covers the entire state of Georgia. And SAG-AFTRA represents talent. You can see a list of these unions on our Unions page under the Production Information tab.
Please note that Georgia is a Right to Work state, which guarantees by law that no person can be compelled, as a condition of employment, to join or not to join, nor to pay dues to a labor union.

What projects have been filmed in the Savannah Region?

The Savannah Region has been a premiere filming destination for the last 100 years! We have hosted many films, commercials and even television series. You can see a list of completed films on our Filmed In Savannah page.

How many crew members are local to the Savannah Region?

We have over 400 crew members local to our area, half of which are union affiliated. You can check out our Crew Database to see all of our local crew members by department.

I’m filming a historical drama, can I get streetlights, signs and parking meters removed?

Yes! Savannah is no stranger to period pieces. With enough notice, you can permit and request sign and parking meter removal as well as have streetlights turned off. Fees may apply.

Where can I turn in my application for the Savannah Entertainment Production Incentives?

Both the Savannah Entertainment Production Incentive Application and the Savannah Entertainment Production Crew Relocation Application can be submitted to:
SEDA Production Accounting
c/o Hancock Askew & Co. LLP
P.O. Box 2486 Savannah, Ga. 31402

For qualification questions, contact SEDA’s Entertainment Production Liaison, Ralph Singleton, at or 310-980-2022.