City of Pooler – Permits & Guidelines

Thank you for choosing the City of Pooler for your film location needs!

Film permits are not required for private property, but any City of Pooler public property or right-of-way requires a special event permit.


A special event is any activity occurring upon private or public property that affects the ordinary use of public streets, rights-of-way, or sidewalks. This includes, but is not limited to, fairs, festivals, foot runs, and bicycle runs. A special event application must be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the proposed event. Each application will be considered for approval by the Pooler City Council at a regular meeting. If approved, a permit will be issued upon payment of the $300 application fee. Permits are valid for 30 days.

City of Pooler Special Event Ordinance

City of Pooler Special Event Permit Application 

For questions please contact:

Hadassa Villafana
Occupational Tax Specialist
Finance Department
City of Pooler
912-748-7261 ext 109

Police Fees

$30/hour per officer

For more information on Police contact:

Ashley Brown
Chief of Police
Phone: 912-748-7333