City of Savannah – Permits & Guidelines

Thank you for choosing the City of Savannah for your film location needs! The City of Savannah boasts a wealth of locations including the nation’s largest historic district. Being the first planned city in the United States, Savannah has retained its original layout with 22 public squares, quaint brick streets, and an architectural timeline which dates back to 1733. Period locations abound that easily double 19th century U.S. or European cities.

To download a PDF of The City of Savannah Guidelines, please click here.

For more on permitting please contact:

Susan Broker
Permitting Director
(912) 525-3100 ext 2731

For student filming permits, please contact:

Nikki Palucci
(912) 525-3100 ext 1432

Permit Requirements

The City of Savannah Leisure Services Permitting Office is responsible for issuing permits in the City of Savannah. A permit is required for any production activity which will have an impact on public property in the City of Savannah. Additional permits may be required from other government agencies such as the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT).

The Savannah Area Film Office and Leisure Services Permitting Office require a pre-production meeting between a production’s Location Manager or another production representative. A listing of all anticipated locations with tentative dates should be reviewed as soon as possible, as the Leisure Services Permitting Office may know of possible conflicts with City services, local events and festivals, or other filming activities. Additional meetings may be required with the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department, Traffic Engineering, or other City departments.

After registering with the Savannah Area Film Office through their Project Registration Form, each city-owned location should be submitted to the Leisure Services Permitting office via the City of Savannah Location Permit Application.

Please submit all forms, a minimum of five working days before any filming activity is to take place. Earlier application is recommended and may be required, as all permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis, and the logistical complexity of the project may affect time needed for approval.

Failure of the production company to comply with the Savannah Area Film Office guidelines and conditions set forth in each permit, or the use of any location not specified in the permit, shall give the Leisure Services Permitting Office grounds to revoke the permit or take other restrictive actions as necessary.


Type of Insurance Required: Commercial General Liability

Minimum Limits (per occurrence): $1,000,000

Insurance Certificate addressed as follows:

The Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Savannah
C/O Susan Broker
P.O. Box 1027
Savannah, GA 31402

Evidence of Insurance must be submitted before a permit can be effective.

Please have your insurance agent or broker submit your insurance electronically via email to SBroker@Savannahga.Gov.
Notification of Affected Businesses and Residents

The production company is responsible for notifying all businesses and residents affected by the filming activity as per the Savannah Area Film Office guidelines. Notification shall take place following the City’s review of the application and no less than two business days prior to the planned activity.

The Leisure Services Permitting Office reserves the right to deny or revoke permits where insufficient time has been allowed for proper notification, or when the notification process has been improperly applied.

Traffic Control, Street Closures, Parking, and City Events

For traffic control, street closures, parking and event schedule, please refer to the Savannah Area Film Office Guidelines.


There are no fees for Film Permits issued through the Leisure Services Permitting Office. There are charges associated with the use of certain City services or facilities. All authorized services provided by the City (such as sign removal) will be billed at an overtime rate and will be paid by the production company. All fees are subject to change.

Additional fees are as follows:

Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department:

  • Police Officers: $32.00/hour (4-hour minimum)
  • Police Supervisor: $47.00/hour (4-hour minimum)

City of Savannah Cost Recovery Fees:

  • Uniformed Officer: $1.00/hour
  • City Vehicle: $6.00/hour

Savannah Fire & Emergency Services:

  • Fire Marshal: $30/hour (4-hour minimum)

If there are any questions regarding the City of Savannah’s permitting, please contact the Leisure Services Permitting Office at (912) 651-2360.

Student Filming

Student filmmakers must abide by the City of Savannah’s guidelines for permitting but must fill out a Student Filming Permit Application no later than 5 business days before filming. Any student production with a cast and crew size larger than 10 people, must obtain a permit in order to gather on city-owned property.

Student films must obtain a permit for the following to occur on city-owned property regardless of cast and crew size:
• Special Effects – Explosions, Fire, Smoke, Haze/Fog, or Pyrotechnics
• Stunts
• Weapons or Firearms (real or fake)
• Animals
• Street, or sidewalk closures
• Parking for Equipment Vehicles
• Intermittent Traffic Control