Student Filming

Student Projects
Student projects are subject to the same rules and permit requirements as professional productions.  All filming guidelines can be found at Students should not fill out the professional Production Registration Form, rather there is a separate application for students.

Click HERE to download the Student Filming Handout.

A city or town that has corporate status and local government. We have 5 municipalities within Chatham County that each have their own unique student permitting process. Please use the Sagis Map Viewer to find your location. On the top toolbar, click the Layer List on/off and check the Municipal Boundary box. View the yellow and black boundary lines for each municipality to determine which corresponding permit to apply for.

Permits are an official document giving someone authorization to film on municipally owned property. Permits are required for anything deemed “public property” such as streets, sidewalks, alleys, lanes, parks, squares, and beaches. Some municipalities require film permits, regardless of private or public property. If you are a student, please complete and submit a Student Permit Application for the corresponding municipality.  If you are unsure which municipality your location is in, please use and use the layer list for municipal boundary. For the most direct answers to your questions, please contact the permitting office(s) of the municipality in which you desire to film in.

Private Property
The use of private property requires the permission of the property owner via a signed Location Agreement. A Location Agreement is a written contract between a private property owner and filmmaker(s) that gives permission to enter private property for the purpose of recording content, whether you are filming, taking photographs, or making any other recordings. Private property owners include homeowners, business owners, landlords and their tenants. While some buildings may seem “public”, location agreements must be obtained to film in museums, schools, libraries and places of worship.
Film permits do not grant access to any private property. However, there are certain activities that require permits even when they occur on private property. These include stunts, special effects, excessive noise and certain activities that are visible to the public.

Some schools provide insurance coverage and some do not. If your school does not, you may be required to procure coverage.

Municipalities may charge for certain services such as permits, police, ITC, parking, etc.  Please contact the appropriate municipality for direct answers.

Your permit may require you to provide notification to the residence and businesses near the location. This must be completed at least 2 business days before the shoot. All notification letters should be uploaded using THIS FORM.  For an example of a notification letter, please click HERE. Failure to notify as described in the permit is a violation.


Chatham County

For student filming, please fill out the Chatham County Student Filming Application and submit to Monica Middleton in person at the Dept of Building Safety & Regulatory Services at 1117 Eisenhower Drive, Suite D, Savannah, Georgia 31406 or by mail at the following address:

Department of Building Safety & Regulatory Services
ATTN: Monica Middleton
P.O. Box 8161
Savannah, GA 31412-8161

(912) 201-4322

Applicants must pay a $25 non-refundable administrative fee with their application. Please make checks payable to Chatham County.  Permit applications must be submitted at least 5 business days in advance in order to be considered for approval.

If students wishes to use a Chatham County park or facility, please check to see if the property is first available for your requested dates via the the online Chatham County Facilities webpage.


City of Garden City

Students wanting to film in the City of Garden City will need to fill out the Professional & Student Permit Application at least 5 business days prior to the first requested filming date.  If you wish to use Garden City Parks and Rec Locations, please click here to find more information.

For more on permitting, please contact:

Jackie L. Jackson
Office of the City Manager
Garden City Special Projects
100 Central Avenue|Garden City, GA 31405
P- (912) 963-2768 | F- (912) 966-7792

City of Port Wentworth

For student filming, please fill out the City of Port Wentworth Film Permit Application and submit to Shanta Scarboro via email or at the City of Port Wentworth’s City Hall at 305 S Coastal Hwy, Port Wentworth, GA 31407.

If students wish to use a City of Port Wentworth park or facility, please contact Shanta Scarboro for availability and rates.

For more on permitting, please contact:

Shanta Scarboro
Permitting Office

Student filmmakers must abide by the City of Port Wentworth guidelines and meet all needed requirements before a permit can be approved. This includes completion of the Port Wentworth Film Application no less than 5 days in advance of the desired production and a Business/Resident Notification Letter addressed to businesses/residents potentially affected by the production in the event it is needed. See Notification of Affected Businesses and Residents, for more information. 

Insurance & Fees

Some schools provide insurance coverage for student filmmakers, while others do not. If your school does not, you may be required to procure coverage. A fee may also be charged for certain services such as police, Internal Traffic Control (ITC), parking, etc. Please contact the Permitting Office at 912-964-4379 for direct answers.

Private Property

The use of private property requires the permission of both the property owner and tenant (if applicable) through a signed location release letterFilm permits do not grant access to private property.

Student productions MUST have a hard copy version of their signed permit at all times while on location.  

City of Savannah

For full details on how to obtain a permit, please click the link below:
Student Film Permitting Booklet (2017)

Student Filming Permits are for any project that receives a grade from your College or University. Passion projects or filming outside of your enrollment will be deemed a professional project, and held to the Professional Filming Guidelines.

Student filmmakers must abide by the City of Savannah’s guidelines for permitting but must fill out the City of Savannah Student Filming Permit Application no later than 5 business days before filming.

Any student production with a cast and crew size larger than 10 people, must obtain a permit in order to gather on city-owned property. Student productions under 10 people generally do not need a permit, unless they have the following needs:

• Special Effects – Explosions, Fire, Smoke, Haze/Fog, or Pyrotechnics
• Stunts or Any Simulated Violence
• Weapons or Firearms (real or fake)
• Animals
• Street, or Sidewalk Closures – This Includes Any Impediment of Pedestrian Foot Traffic (i.e. locking up your shot so that pedestrians can’t cross frame), Running Cables Across a Public Space Such As a Sidewalk/Street/Park/Square, or Staging of Equipment on a Sidewalk or Street.
• Parking for Equipment Vehicles – This Includes Generators
• Intermittent Traffic Control – This Requires Police (see below for officer rate sheet)
• Locking A Location – This Protects Students From Another Event/Production Booking The Same Space

The City of Savannah charges fees for film permitting to offset the administrative costs associated with the issuance of permits.  Please note, that the Permit Fee of $25.00 is per location on your application.  For example: If your project wants to film in Location 1: Forsyth Park, and Location 2: Chippewa Square, then you will be billed for two $25.00 location fees, totaling $50.00.

NOTE: All fees are non-refundable except in extraordinary circumstances.

Fees are due prior to the issuance of permits.  Payment can be made with check or money order made payable to the City of Savannah.  “Film Permit Fee” should be identified on the “notes” line of the check or money order.  For more information call 912.351.3837 or visit the office:

Special Events, Film and Tourism
1 Waring Drive **inside of Daffin Park**
Savannah, Georgia 31404

To hire an officer, please click here for rates.  Additional fees may apply.

For student filming permits, please contact:

Film Permitting Coordinator 
Office of Special Events, Film & Tourism
City of Savannah
912-351-3837 (Office)
912-239-8837 (Cell)

Meetings with the Film Permitting Coordinator are by appointment only. No walk-ins accepted.

City of Tybee Island

For student and non-commercial filming, please use:
Non-commercial filming permit

For student and non-commercial filming permits, please contact:

Robyn Rosner
Facilities Coordinator