Student Filming

Student Projects
Student projects are subject to the same rules and permit requirements as professional productions.

Some schools provide insurance coverage and some do not. If your school does not, you may be required to procure coverage.

Municipalities may charge for certain services such as permits, police, ITC, parking, etc.  Please contact the appropriate municipality for direct answers.

Private Property
The use of private property requires the permission of the property owner. Film permits do not grant access to any private property. However, there are certain activities that require permits even when they occur on private property. These include stunts, special effects, excessive noise and certain activities that are visible to the public.

Your permit may require you to provide notification to the residence and businesses near the location. This must be completed at least 2 business days before the shoot. Please use the Notification Letter template here. Failure to notify as described in the permit is a violation.

If you are a student, please complete and submit a Student Permit Application via corresponding municipalities.   For the most direct answers to your questions, please contact the permitting office(s) of the municipality in which you desire to film in.

The City of Savannah:

Student filmmakers must abide by the City of Savannah’s guidelines for permitting but must fill out a Student Filming Permit Application no later than 5 business days before filming. Any student production with a cast and crew size larger than 10 people, must obtain a permit in order to gather on city-owned property.

Student films must obtain a permit for the following to occur on city-owned property regardless of cast and crew size:
• Special Effects – Explosions, Fire, Smoke, Haze/Fog, or Pyrotechnics
• Stunts
• Weapons or Firearms (real or fake)
• Animals
• Street, or sidewalk closures
• Parking for Equipment Vehicles
• Intermittent Traffic Control

For student filming permits, please contact:

Nikki Palucci
Location Assistant
(912) 651-3696

Tybee Island:

For student and non-commercial filming, please use:
Non-commercial filming permit
Student and Non-commercial Contact:

Karen Reese
Facilities Coordinator